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Saturday, May 20, 2017


When you read online reviews of visiting Hitler's Eagle Nest - a gift ed holiday retreat that he actually rarely visited - you could easily be persuaded not to go there.
But we are probably not coming back this way again so we decided to brave the dreaded crowds and give it a try. 
We are so glad we did !

Getting there involved three buses from Salzburg- not difficult to negotiate with a bit of research - and a final trip up the last 124 m in a shiny brass ( walls and ceiling ) lift.

The final bus trip was up a one lane road in special buses with very special drivers. You go in a convoy of three or four buses at a time in a reserved seat 
and end up here.

No time to stop and look at the view....

though it is magnificent !

You race to book your return trip down on the bus in about 2 hour's time.

Then you head for the final bit of your journey - the lift.

124 metres along the tunnel - it's freezing cold and damp in there.
Eventually you come to the queue for the lift. The reviews said you can line up here for hours but we missed one lift and were first on the next in about ten minutes.

 The lift is all brass. Shiny gold walls and ceilings but for some strange no photos allowed here.
Another 124 metres up. Very fast !
And this is what greets you !

You are on top of the world up here. 
In the snow.
360 degree views.
Not cold.

No Eagles but a few crows riding the breeze.

But you're not quite at the top yet !
A path with steps and snow covered patches takes you up

higher and higher

with the view getting more breath taking with every step

till you reach the top .

Looking down on the Eagle's Nest.

The war must have felt a million miles away from this magnificent spot.

We took hundreds of photos

In all directions.

How could you resist ?

We had time to sit down here and have a bit of lunch.
Not an opportunity to pass up.

So we didn't!

Note no Aperol spritz. Not taking any chances with balance up here !


Sunday, May 14, 2017


St Gilgen - Going up !

We've come to Austria to see mountains so today we set off by ferry to the village at the end of the lake, St Gilgen where there is a chairlift that takes you up to the mountain top.

It's not a very high mountain as mountains go but 1600 metres is ok by us.

The views from the top were tremendous !

Absolutely breath taking. 
I am using the photo as my new header on Facebook. Isn't it fantastic ???

The weather has been very changeable. Probably typical for Spring but the afternoons usually mean sunshine so we've been pretty lucky.

The cameras got a pretty good workout I can tell you !

Walking by the lake

On our previous ferry trip we noticed a walking track a from Furberg to St Gilgen so after a rainy morning we once again caught the ferry towards St Gilgen but got off at Furberg.

The water was still and glassy as we travelled past pretty houses

And trees of glorious colours with wonderful reflections 

Everywhere you look it is all so pretty

We hopped off the ferry at Furberg and set off along the path, water on one side and green, green trees on the other.

Love these green tunnels !

It was Mothers' Day and several groups passed us on their way to lunch at the nice restaurant at Furberg.

A lovely walk. We really enjoyed it .


Saturday, May 13, 2017


Off to Hallstat.

On the train from Bad Ischl and it wasn't long before these superb views appeared.

My little point and shoot camera took these photos through glass windows as we sped along. Not bad eh?

Then I spied Hallstatt in the distance on the far side of the lake.

On to the ferry with lovely views all around.

The closer you get, the prettier it looks.

This small village is jammed up against the mountainside.

Ah, there's the famous church!

and there's another one perched high on the hill.

We wandered off in one direction

snapping away in all directions .
Not many tourists today as it is very early in the season. Lots of building and maintenance being done in preparation for the hordes of visitors to come in the warmer weather.

Then back and up

to the other church which had the most wonderful graveyard.
Neat and covered with flowers.

Then further on till we came to a spot to turn around 

and lo and behold there was that famous view !

Now stamped firmly on my memory.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017


When we arrived last Tuesday the weather was rainy.

Not the sort of rain we get back home that comes down strongly, a couple of inches in half an hour but the gentle, misty sort that makes you really wet because you don't think it's worth sheltering from.

Wednesday morning brought a bright sunny day and we set off to wander and get our bearings for a week in this pretty place.

Our apartment is in a 400 year old building that looks down on this little square with its trickling fountain-- a soothing sound when the window is open.

Just round the corner and down the hill and you come to the lake

Smooth this morning and blue, blue, blue.

The buildings are all in this style. Pure Austria !

Of course there are plenty of places for a coffee and cake or a drink.
(I can't believe the way they drink beer so early in the morning here !)

Walk in either direction along narrow laneways and you eventually come to water

With seating arranged so you can sit and soak up the sun - as they love to do - or laze in the shade - as we do !  - and gaze at the beauty of the scenery before you.

Here is a map of the area. Note St Wolfgang is right in the middle so we can explore in either direction.

We'll give it our best shot.

All that walking worked up a need for hot chocolate and cake. Strudel (again for Tony. He said it was the best one yet ) and rhubarbstrudelkuchen for me . ( better than strudel I think )

Walking in the other direction gives you a nice view back towards the village with the church at its centre.

There is very little traffic through the village and no parking so you park outside the village and walk in.

The late afternoon sun shines directly into this lovely place and it is soon filled with drinkers or people having dinner.
 This was about 7:30pm. 
They seem to eat dinner at our sort of time here not late as they do in Paris.
 We joined them for Weiner schnitzel served with buttered potatoes and cranberry relish

and wandered home as the light began to fade around 8:30.

No complaints here.